Conference Programme


All panels will be in Lecture Room 8, Arts Building


9.15                  Registration

9.45                  Introduction

10.00               Keynote Address: Dr Matthew Rubery – ‘Reading on the Move after 1877’

11.00               Coffee Break

11.30               PANEL ONE – Travelling through the modern world 

                          (Chair: Dr John Fagg)

v  Christopher Phillips (University of Leeds) – Remembering the Third ‘M’

v  Gaetan Maret (University of Oxford) – Literary Travels of the Harlem Renaissance

Fariha Shaikh (King’s College London) – ‘An Imagined Community’? The Social Life of Nineteenth-Century Emigrant Shipboard Newspapers

13.00              Lunch

13.45               PANEL TWO – Visualising modernity and mapping movement

                           (Chair: Dr Deborah Longworth)

v  Harry Gregory (University of York) – Tin Tabernacles and Religious Expansion in the Late Nineteenth-Century

v  Helen Kearney (Royal College of Art) – Mapping Modernity: The London Postal Map

v  Antonino L. Nielfi (University of Melbourne) – Swirls of Shouts and Rivers of Shapes:  Futurism’s Dual Gaze on Early Twentieth-Century Society            

15.15               Coffee Break

15.45               PANEL THREE – Re-thinking representations

                          (Chair: Dr Elizabeth Ludlow)

v  Imogen Clarke (University of Roehampton) – Rescuing Newton: The Careful Management of a Revolution in Science

v  Katharina Günther (University of Cologne) – Aesthetics of Transparency – Francis Bacon and X-Ray Photography

v  Ian Higgins (University of Leicester) – ‘This Strange Disease of Modern Life’: Boredom, Flux and the Making of Modernity

17.15               ‘Getting Published’: Roundtable discussion with Dr Matthew Rubery, Dr Daniel Moore and Dr Jim Mussell


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