Travel and Accommodation Information

The conference will be held at our Edgbaston campus in the Arts Building, Lecture Room 8. The Arts Building is R16 on the campus map, and is centrally located on campus, a short walk from either the University train station or bus stops on the Bristol Road. The campus map is available to download and you can also download the UoB Student App, which features campus maps and other useful information.

The University is easily accessible by public transport. From New Street Station the University station is either one or two stops, and up to six trains an hour depart for the University on the cross-city line. By bus, numbers 61, 63 and X64 run from the city centre and stop on the Bristol Road, on the south side of campus. Car parking is also available on campus for visitors. For further information on this, and any other transport information please see the University website.

The venuebirmimgham website advertises accommodation for visitors to the University. Please follow the link above and select from either Bed and Breakfast accommodation or Self-Catering as needed. There is also a wide range of accommodation available in the city centre, which is a short distance from the University.


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